Embrace Your Womb offers regular one hour classes to compliment what you learn at the Self Womb Massage workshop and provide a space to rest, retreat, and rejuvenate.

You will be guided through stretches to help relieve tight, sore muscles. This allows the nerves to have clear communication to the reproductive organs and helps to maintain an aligned pelvis.

After stretching, you will be guided through a Self Womb Massage to help realign a misaligned uterus and release any tension within the ligaments surrounding her. Regular womb massage increases the circulation to ensure you receive oxygen-rich blood to your abdominal organs.

Classes finish with a  guided healing visualisation, followed by a ceremonial rebozo wrapping.  This allows you to feel nurtured and supported, and helps you to reach a deep sense of relaxation while receiving positive healing energies with Reiki.

Price: $25 a Class- runs for an hour

Classes are kept small, bookings are essential.

It is recommended that you attend the Self Womb Massage Workshop prior to attending classes. You can check this out by clicking the workshops button below.