I was just like you experiencing Period Pains

When I was in my mid to late teens, I had excruciating Period pain, it left me struggling to breath, feeling nauseas, experiencing pain in my lower abdomen, my lower back and weakness and pain down both of my legs. I struggled to stand for longer than 20 minutes without feeling like I was going to faint. I also noticed that whenever I got my period I would experience both diarrhoea and constipation (which I was extremely embarrassed of, if I got caught out in a public place).  So I made an appointment with my local GP to address my menstrual pains as the pain and struggle was getting too much for me. I clearly remember the GP saying to me that I had dysmenorrhea, which is basically a medical term for period pain. She also told me, that it sounded like I may have endometriosis, however the only way to know for sure was to have surgery. I expressed I wasn’t really interested in having surgery, so with her advice I started taking the pill.


For a little while I took the pill, which did help relieve my symptoms, however I wasn’t completely rid of my period pain, and I found it difficult to take a pill every morning at the same time without having ‘break through’ bleeding. Eventually I started hearing about what the pill was and the side effects and I stopped taking it. At first I thought, “oh wow, maybe the pill has helped me with regulating my period and relieving the signs and symptoms I felt during a bleed”. But as my body detoxed off the pill and back into her normal rhythm of producing hormones, low and behold my period pain returned with a vengeance, the pill solved nothing, my period became irregular and I was crippled over in pain yet again month after month.


I tried a few different types of treatments, and still didn’t gain effective relief or answers to my issues. My story is like many, you seek help and you don’t always get the results or the answers you were looking for so you feel like giving up. I often thought to myself, “maybe this is as good as it gets, and I should go back on the pill”. I don’t believe that Endometriosis or any other cause of period pain is something that you have to put up with, I believe it is simply your body trying to get your attention, saying “There’s something wrong, fix me”, so what was wrong? It took me more than a few years to get the answers and the results I wanted, but I got them.


I was sitting in on my first day of Fertility Massage Therapy training, when I got my answers. Clare Blake, very simply explained how the Uterus position can affect our period pain. Finally, it all made sense! She explained all my symptoms clearly, I could have hugged and kissed her in that moment, but conservatism held me back. My uterus is sitting backwards and hunched, causing my uterus to put pressure on my bowels causing bowel changes, initially making me go… and then causing constipation due to the obstruction. But my Uterus was so far back that it also impinged on my nerve supply to my uterus and legs, causing pain down both of my legs, also making it difficult to stand, but also causing that wonderful killer back pain every month. Because my uterus was hunched I also experienced cramping. When the uterus is hunched, it has to contract to move the shedding of the endometrium lining (this is what we bleed each month). The headaches are due to the nervous systems miscommunication due to the pressure of the uterus. A misaligned uterus can also cause painful sex, sometimes only felt with certain positions.


I was elated with happiness and relieved to have someone explain to me what was happening, and why my periods were the way they were. my treatment was womb massage, along with chiropractic care, Yoni steams and simple changes to my diet. From this I actually had a pain free period. Yes, I was in denial for the first few days of having my period waiting for the agony to commence.


I never had surgery to determine if I had endometriosis or not, so I may not have had endometriosis at all. I’d like all women to know that your pain might not be endometriosis, you might not need surgery, it might just be a misaligned uterus.


If you’re wondering why a misaligned uterus is potentially causing pain during your period, and not when you don’t have your period, it’s likely because our womb almost doubles in size when we menstruate, putting pressure on all the surrounding soft tissue and organs within the abdominal cavity, therefore, causing pain. This is why womb massage can be effective at treating period pains, helping to tone and relieve tension within the abdominals and allow for tough stiff scar tissue to become more flexible. So that the uterus can gently move into a more ideal position.