Reconnect to your Womb

Restore your womb and tummy back to health

& Re-align your body

Welcome to Embrace Your Womb. It is my mission to help women on their womb journey, whether it is to assist with pregnancy, help relieve and restore a womb that is unhealthy or out of balance, relieve pregnancy-related aches and pains, or soothe anxiety, stress and tension from the body.

Embrace your Womb was established to help encourage and empower women to love their reproductive system. These practices enable us to heal the emotional trauma and negativity that we've stored within our wombs and throughout our bodies, along with physical ailments that cause pain and discomfort.

At Embrace Your Womb, I offer Fertility/ womb Massage, Reiki, Pregnancy Massage, Remedial Massage, and Womb workshops and classes to enable you to heal and treat yourself.

When we embrace our wombs, we embrace what it truly means to be a woman.



Here's what some of my happy clients want you to know


"I absolutely noticed a difference in the way I felt, even after one massage. A couple more, and I could see the long term effects over several months. I had less pain, less instability in emotions, and everything felt more in tune and balanced"

- Ellen, Aspendale (Womb Massage for Menstrual problems)

“Michelle Lowe and her ‘magic hands’,  has been treating me for a number of years now. I have a chronic back condition which she has helped me to live with and she always manages to hone in on the trouble spots and smooth them out, giving me amazing relief in the process.

Michelle has used her womb massage technique to placate my troubled stomach, which to me was quite a revelation as well as a helpful  experience. I would  recommend Michelle as a Massage Therapist without any hesitation. She is compassionate, considerate and a skilled master of her profession.”

- Alison, Beaumaris

"I have had a chronic back problem which I have had for over 35 years being the aftermath of a sporting injury.

Michelle has been working with me for over 2 years on a fortnightly basis to managing the injury and more importantly ease the continuous pain. Her understanding of my injury has been nothing but outstanding and she has now got the pain under control and more important providing me with greater flexibility with my back.

I would recommend strongly for anyone male or female with similar problems to give her a go to assist in the management of the pain and getting better flexibility."

- Mark, Beaumaris

"Like an old car I need more attention now than I once did so, with a neighbour's recommendation, I booked myself in for a massage with Michelle.
"My knees are a bit creaky, my back a bit achy and my hamstrings a bit tight," I told her on the first visit. She nodded knowingly and set to work.
She has healing hands and seems to be able to find the fault and deal with it. I walked out of there with a spring in my step.
I am now on maintenance and look forward to my monthly appointment with Michelle and her healing hands."

- Elsie, Beaumaris

"The ambience in the waiting room is calm and tranquil. Michelle conscientiously takes note of all my various and many issues. She then delivers an hour massage which carefully takes into consideration each of my requirements. The pressure firm, as requested, sends me into a deep level of tranquility. Is that me, snoring?
I have been back several times, and recommended Michelle's deft touch to family and friends."

- Iren, Beaumaris

"I am not saying I was hobbling around like a disoriented walrus washed up on Mentone Beach. But things were certainly heading that way. People in the street were beginning to avert their eyes. However, once Michelle started Remedial Massage sessions, things began to turn around quickly and dramatically. Combined with stretching exercises at home, I can’t believe how well my back and legs have freed up and how I can now walk with virtually no pain or restriction. Here’s to Michelle’s Manipulation Miracles!"

- Graeme, Beaumaris